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      ACCT Degree Requirements

         Degree Requirements (48 units)

        ACCT 610 Financial Reporting and Disclosure 4

        ACCT 615 Controllership and Professional Ethics 4

        ACCT 620 Internal Auditing and Management Controls 4

        ACCT 630 Advanced Tax Topics: Corporate Taxation 4

        ACCT 642 International Accounting 4

        Culminating Experience:

        ACCT 697 MSA Project 4

        Minimum of 24 elective units chosen from list below in consultation with the MSA coordinator or department chair. 24

        ACCT 536

        Corporate and Partnership Taxation

        ACCT 539

        Advanced Accounting

        ACCT 541

        EDP Auditing and Control

        ACCT 544

        Accounting Law, Ethics and Institutions

        ACCT 556

        Estates and Gifts, Ethics and other Specialized Taxation Topics

        ACCT 590

        Seminar in Accounting

        ACCT 605

        Health Care Accounting and Financial Analysis

        ACCT 625

        Seminar in Accounting Information Systems

        ACCT 675


        ACCT 690

        Advanced Topics in Accounting

        FIN 555

        Trade and Business in Asia

        FIN 602

        Financial Theory and Corporate Finance

        FIN 622

        Entrepreneurial and Venture Finance

        FIN 651

        Financial Institutions and Markets

        FIN 653

        Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

        FIN 654

        International Finance

        FIN 680

        Corporate Financial Strategy

        Total Units 48

        Graduate-level elective courses offered by other departments within the College of Business and Public Administration require approval of the MSA Coordinator or department chairperson for course substitution.

        Students may not take more than a total of eight quarter units in any combination of College of Business & Public Administration 590, 675, and 690 courses. The program may not include more than 14 units in transfer credit from other universities. CSUSB will not consider for transfer, credit course work from any institution which will not accept that work in its own advanced degree program.